Providing Aligned Mission Services When Value, Quality, Innovation and Uniqueness Matter | Business Services

A business has taken an important first step when they’ve decided to align their services to their mission. Providing mission based services has proven to save resources and time while exceeding customers’ expectations. AND by focusing on the mission, we improve collaboration with our customers while maximizing our opportunities for product and service innovation and uniqueness.We should not hide our services in organizational or technology silos, but instead place them upfront with specifically defined actions and expectations. Confusion of what your services are or the tendency to call almost everything a service is a critical error that confuses not only your business, but your customers as well. For example, a help desk is not a service in of itself. But, Incident Management, Release Management, monitoring, or client follow-up are services. Services are best described within a service line, service catalog or portfolio, have configuration items, prerequisites and features. They are delivered through delivery channels so that they can be easily found, requested and efficiently provided. Service stakeholders want and need visibility in terms of costs, schedule and defined deliverables.

When a customer hires a company for services, they don’t expect to get lost before, during or after execution. Rapid change of needs or direction is no excuse for a business or manager to lose control of a project. And the loss of control will cause the loss of your customer’s trust and confidence (Possibly forever). Shifting priorities of new requirements are ALWAYS involved in projects. The business that remains fleet of foot in today’s complex and changing environment proves themselves as the most experienced and most indispensable. This often guarantees their return onto the next project.A business should expect their services to be used, reused, reviewed, updated and inspected by people other than the person who designed or provided the service. 
Within the delivery time of the service, someone will change their minds, want something added, or otherwise attempt to be unique in their need. It’s tempting as a business to question the value of an organized way of providing service. But, we don’t have time to do it over so we have to spend the time to do it right. This can only happen with defined services that are repeatable. Within the ranks of service providers, only an amateur is rewarded for speed over long-term customer loyalty. Businesses are worth thirty times more than the good ones when they can scale to competitive environments where delivered excellence is the minimum requirement and ‘good enough’ is recognized as the precursor to failure.Aligning your business services to the mission where quality standards and uniqueness of your products is a relatively straightforward step that ensures services are of value to your customers. This alignment facilitates innovation to your products and services. Once services are aligned to the mission, services can be deployed and operated on a day-to-day basis where the needs are not only met, but quality, innovation and uniqueness are included in the generation of valuable products. Defined services that are aligned to the mission can be highly leveraged in producing pieces of value and quality work.

Smart businesses will save hundreds of thousands of dollars for their client’s and themselves and will ultimately earn millions. This happens only when we decide to make decisions early so everyone can clearly understand our options. Providing these types of services becomes fundamental once the business wants their services to provide value to the customer. Once services are defined many things start to change as a new light is shined on to the organization. New effective ways of operating reveal themselves, new priorities for investing resources take hold as costs are reduced and the overall quality of services go up. Once competitive challenges and reactive and ineffective chaos prevailed, now these challenges become proactive building strategies. In the end, our customers only care about products and services they have a value for and can count on with reliability.It is time provide your customers aligned mission focused services because Value, Quality, Innovation and Uniqueness matter most to them.

The Benefits of Having a Serviced Office | Business Services

INTRODUCTIONYou will find a range of serviced offices in big cities. You can either rent an individual office or an entire floor for your business services. A serviced office is typically fully furnished with secretarial services. This is a convenient way to have access to high end office space without the need to commit to a long term contract. The space is ready for you to work in if and when required.FLEXIBILITYThe leases that come with a serviced office are very flexible, you can rent the office space for as long or as short as you require.SERVICESA serviced office comes with a range of services, these include administrative support, telecom services, a dedicated receptionist, internet connection, and IT infrastructure. Services also include meeting rooms, on site car parking, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. A serviced office offers you the privacy similar to being in your own home.

LOCATIONIf your company is relocating, or you have a long business deal, a serviced office is ideal. Your working environment and your location can be the difference between success and failure. The location of an office is essential to the branding of your organization, so when viewing sites pay careful attention to the reputation of the location. Ask about the cost and the condition of the facilities and the equipment to make sure that you are getting the best out of your serviced office.MAILYou can have mail from anywhere in the world delivered to your business address. There is a reception desk available so the staff will be able to assist you with handling your mail.START UP BUSINESSIf you are just starting up in business you may not have the finances to rent an office as well as buy the furniture, pay for a receptionist, and pay for office equipment. Leasing a fully serviced office is a convenient way to start if you want to keep your costs down.DOWNSIZINGDue to the current economic crisis several companies are making the decision to downsize. This means they are cutting down on staff as well as a number of their business activities. Renting a fully furnished office is a convenient way to downsize; you can sell all the furniture and equipment from your previous office and reinvest the sales funds back into the business, while enjoying a smaller and more convenient office which has everything that you need for an all-inclusive price.

HOME BASED BUSINESSIf you run a business from home, you can use the office to conduct any business meetings that you may have. As is expected, you would not feel comfortable allowing strangers into your home regardless of whether you are conducting business with them or not. Renting out office space for your meetings will provide you with a professional look for your business.CONCLUSIONA fully serviced office space is a convenient, flexible and simple solution for businesses. Whether you are a startup business or one that is more established needing temporary space, the offices are designed to keep your business flexible and your costs low.